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    Earth Etudes for Elul by: Katy Z. Allen $15.00

    The month of Elul is a time for reflection, a time for t’shuvah, of turning and re-turning to G!d and to our best selves, in preparation for the Days of Awe. It is time for heshbon hanefesh, examining our hearts and souls. Elul is the time for us to begin to make atonement for the things we wish we had or hadn’t done, and to renew ourselves, to do all we can to get ourselves to change. To help you on this journey, you will find in this volume a series of reflections for the month of Elul, divrei Earth—teachings that connect Earth and Torah.  Use this volume to help you expand your own reflections about t’shuvah: read a few etudes a day or even select by theme. Themes include climate change, community and covenant, cycles, nature, gardening, personal behavior, rituals, and turning.

    These reflections, meditations filled with Jewish wisdom, are written by rabbis, hazzans, environmentalists, gardeners, activists, educators, storytellers, poets, scientists and other spiritual leaders, reflecting many points of view and ways of looking at the world and the process of t’shuvah. The author list includes:

    Rabbi Adina Allen
    Rabbi Katy Allen
    Rabbi Steve Altarescu
    Tali Anisfeld
    Maggid David Arfa
    Rachel Aronson
    Molly Bajgot
    Hazzan Shoshana Brown
    Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin
    Sarah Chandler, MA
    Rabbi Howard A. Cohen
    Rabbi Michael M. Cohen
    Sandra N. Daitch
    Rabbi Robin Damsky
    Susie Davidson
    Janna Diamond
    Rabbi Dorit Edut
    Rabbi Jeff Foust
    Judith Felsen, PhD
    Rabbi Moshe Givental
    Rabbi Laurie Gold
    Dr. Mirele Goldsmith
    Rabbi/Cantor Anne Heath
    Thea Iberall, PhD
    Rabbi David Jaffee
    Daniel Kieval
    Rabbi Margaret Frisch Klein
    David Krantz
    Rabbi Judith Kummer
    Dr. Scott Lewis
    Maxine Lyons
    Leora Mallach
    Rabbi Natan Margalit, PhD
    Hattie Nestel
    Joelle Novey
    Andy Oram
    Joan Rachlin, JD, MPH
    Carol C. Reiman
    Leslie Rosenblatt
    Lois Rosenthal
    Richard M. Schwartz, PhD
    Rabbi David Seidenberg
    Rabbi Jacob Siegel
    Howard Smith
    Rabba Kaya Stern-Kaufman, MSW
    Nyanna Susan Tobin
    Rabbi Lawrence Troster
    Rabbi Judy Weiss
    Steph Zabel, MSc
    Rabbi Ziona Zelazo


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    Homeokinetics: The Basics by: Arthur S. Iberall $15.00

    Homeokinetics is the physics of complex systems. These are universes, galaxies, or planetary subsystems, or even social systems. A complex system is one where there is a tremendous amount of internal exchange by the actors. The physics of complex systems is played out on the basis of trying to understand what these complex internal agents are doing. This book is for scientists in fields such as biology, economics, anthropology, political science, physiology, and experimental psychology. Whether a discipline studies atoms, molecules, cells, people, stars, galaxies, or universes, the same tools can be used to understand them.

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    The Swallow and the Nightingale by: Thea Iberall $20.00

    This modern fable is about a 4,000-year-old secret brought through time by the birds. While trying to save her scientific reputation, Dr. Deborah Wright discovers that the swallows at San Juan Capistrano are singing a human song. And her daughter makes an impossible request. Against today’s backdrop of environmental decay, Deborah risks her life to find answers and heal her family and the world. Unaware, she follows an ancient Sufi’s seven valleys towards enlightenment.

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    Tools for the Caregiver by: Shirly Riga $20.00

    A Workbook for Finding Yourself Through Caregiving

    Shirley Riga spent decades as a primary caregiver for her youngest daughter and evolved tools and insights for emotional survival. Tools for the Caregiver is a workbook designed to help those feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities and demands on their caregiving journey. It provides time-tested tips, tools and insights for you to explore your thoughts and beliefs. Riga’s goal is to help caregivers cope with their daily lives and maintain a connection with themselves in the process.

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    Tools For The Exceptional Parent Of A Chronically-ill Child by: Shirly Riga $9.95

    Parenting a chronically-ill child, holding a family together, and taking care of oneself in the process is often an insurmountable task. As caregivers, you give and give, making life changing decisions for your children. Often, it’s only your will and determination that makes the endless problems survivable. But you need care too. When her daughter was born with two liver diseases, Shirley’s life was upended into a whirlwind of doctors and hospitals. In this book, she shares how she learned and applied tools for emotional survival. It takes courage to find peace. Shirley gives hope and understanding for other parents and caregivers of special children.