“The performance of We Did It For You was so outstanding and moving that I got goose bumps and cried. A performance in which each historical figure describes her own trials and accomplishments is so much better than just reading about the woman in a book.”

– Lilly Ledbetter, Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the first act of legislation signed by President Obama

“As soon as I finished reading your book, I started it again. It is that good.” –


“Thea Iberall provides an extremely timely presentation on the very important environmental issues facing the entire world today. She encourages participants to explore the changes necessary to provide a safer, healthier environment for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.”

Barbara Landsman – AAUW Laguna Hills branch

“I started reading The Sanctuary of Artemis before I went to bed and got into the contexts and almost couldn’t go to sleep. It is fabulous.”-


“I’m a big cli-fi enthusiast and thought I saw where this was going. I was wrong. You’ll never look at birds the same way again!”



“An ancient fable of the birds runs through the book as poetry, which serves as a metaphor for the young romantic couple in this tale. The Swallow and the Nightingale tackles a myriad of modern day problems and abuses. There is no hesitation in addressing racism, sexism, waste, pollution, plundering resources and so much more. The lessons of morality are well placed and repeated often enough to have a strong lasting impression.”

Judge, 2nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards.

“Iberall uses the past and today’s world to deal with racism, sexism, homophobia, and climate change, exposing the underlying common truth. Shining through this novel is a song, and the music of The Swallow and the Nightingale is worth reading, over and over again.”


“Thea embodied her character so completely. She was so believable in her performance, I had to remind myself she was the same person I had seen a few minutes earlier. A natural born actor. Brava!”

Lynnette Najimy, Producer, Beanspond Productions

“Thea’s an incredible actress. She transformed herself into a pimp with a heart of gold before our eyes. Thank you!”

“What an exciting evening! Your talk was wonderful and the feedback that we received from our members was extraordinary. Thank you for your humor, your passion and your commitment.”

Humanistic Judaism Society

“Thea Iberall is a contextual poet, author and musician whose storytelling is electrifying. She weaves personal anecdotes with history, insights, humor, magic, religion, science and culture. Gritty and sublimely poetic, she is a role model for the perfect fusion of head and heart, intellect, emotion and passion.”

The StorySpace

“At the end of an hour of the magic of Thea in her many worlds which she shares with such wit and wisdom, I felt almost as if I had been transmuted into another being so captivating, transforming, inspiring, brilliantly constructed, and affecting were the tales she told and sang. It was an experience I would like to share with everyone I love.”

Bambi Good, lover of stories

“I have never read a work of fiction that combines so much scientific acumen with so much heart—and in a masterfully plotted and paced storyline. This is a book you can abandon yourself to, enjoying a ride through time, fascinating places and human yearnings, confident that you’re in the sure hands of an author who knows a lot about the world and cares deeply about us all.”

Rebecca Carrer, author of Rain Shadow